5000 hits and climbing


As of 21 September 1999 20:36 (or there abouts) the GTAWars main index page received its 5000th visitor!

DarKnight mailed me with the dubious claim of being the 5000th visitor. His enthusiasm has prompted this homage to all of you, the people who have visited, and made these pages a worthwhile exercise.

The interest that this project generated caught me by surprise in the early days, I simpy thought that it was of limited interest to other people! I began the project with little in mind as to how it would progress or even whether the first stages would reach completion. This is a big project, and the idea of doing it all alone wasn't thoroughly thought out.

The page has been ranked in the top 4 sites of the GTA Plus top 100, almost since the site was added to their list. I have extended my links to encompass some of the more interesting associated sites and have learnt a great deal about all sorts of aspects of html and game modifications. I've even started to consider a Carmageddon2 Star Wars TC off-shoot, the future is open and ripe for weirdness!

In the beginning all of the tools were a bit on the flaky side, but there have been dramatic improvements, especially with the renowned GTA Cars package, which I have obviously used to great extent. I can only hope that Junction 25 makes it to the same level of professionalism, so that I can continue with ease.

What I'm really trying to say is .... I probably would have given up a long time ago if the GTAWars page hadn't proved so popular.

That just leaves me to say thank you for coming here, because of you this project will continue to its logical conclusion.

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