New items and additions to the standard rules

No Skill Occasionally my group has come up with the situation where nobody has an appropriate skill to achieve something. As a quick fix I usually allow them to make a percentage roll against whatever seems to be the most appropriate Attribute, eg. no climb skill means a roll against the characters PS stat as a percent. This allows them the vague possibility of being successful rather than just saying 'NO'.
Perception There is no perception skill, how about, roll under IQ but greater than 4 (sort of like Armour). A successful roll indicates that the person has spotted a thing.
Laser Sight $2,000.00 - +2 to Strike
The Laser Sight is a fairly common weapon modification which dosn't appear in the TMNT rule book at all.
Optical Magnification The Low, Medium and Best Magnification telescopic weapon sights (TMNT p.71) have a cost but no effect.
I suggest a +1 to Strike for Low Mag., +2 to Strike for Medium Mag., and +3 to Strike for Best Mag.
Nitrous Oxide (for vehicles) $100.00 per use
Nitrous oxide, when added to a vehicle by a mechanic, will double the Maximum Top Speed of the vehicle for 1d6 Minutes.
On the down side Nitrous Oxide has a cumulative 10% chance of causing Critical damage to the engine each time it is used. Roll on the Optional Vehicle Damage Table (Road Hogs p.24).