Downloads Page

In all circumstances, I strongly advise that the original files are backed up before installation of the new files begins. - An indepth Readme file concerning all of your troubles with installing the following files. Download the Zip file (49k) or read it online HERE. - SDT files used for sound effects - extract to GTA/GTADATA/AUDIO/- 3.7kb - Fxt files which change the names of the vehicles in all cities - 99.4kb - Raw files, Pre-Game Graphics - 2.57mb - Style001.g24 - City1 Hi Res graphics - 1.53mb - Style002.g24 - City2 Hi Res graphics - 2.07mb - Style003.g24 - City3 Hi Res graphics - 2.11mb

Installation Procedure

To install these files simply unzip and copy to the GTA/GTADATA directory.

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