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The Chapter3 Old News campaign diary has a new (small) addition.

The Chapter3 Campaign campaign diary has been uploaded. Although it isn't quite finished...



The Chapter3 Old News campaign diary has its first instalment.
Chapter 2, Temporal Tangent, is now completed and up for grabs. The Chapter2 Old News campaign diary has been finished.

REAL NEWS - Palladium have anounced that they are getting ready to produce the After the Bomb rpg. It can be ordered online NOW...



The Chapter2 Old News campaign diary has been updated.
Some new stuff in the Stuff section, just ideas to aid smooth runing of a game.


The Campaign Download has been updated, the complete and final version of section one 'Hell and Beyond' is now available in Word format. This includes important NPCs and additional, nonessential NPC details. More detail than the website has, but a 1.5mb download...
See if you can find the hidden graphics for the major locations in the first section, New York map...

14/03/01 The Old News Section has been updated and rearranged. The campaign diary for 'Temporal Tangent' is underconstruction.
09/30/01 The Campaign section has been updated with the NPC details, see blue Back, Walken etc.

Old News section updated with the latest antics of my group.
Chapter 1 'Hell And Beyond' completed - chapter 2 'Temporal Tangent' coming soon.


Old News Section Update; Campaign Diary - AKA Slapdown.
A New Stuff section has also been added. This is a catch all category for new skills and equipment


First update since this site has gone active a NEWS section and OLDNEWS section is added. Ok so there isn't much in the way of news, if there ever is any news it will go here, until then this section will simply deal with the updates to the site.
The Old News section has a campaign diary, detailing what my group did during the Hell and Beyond campaign.


This site goes live with links to other TMNT RPG sites and the Palladium webring.