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1 October 1999
Another new section has been added. The Technical section shows 3d images of some of the vehicles that I have modified for the GTAWars project.
So far I have supplied 6 partial vehicle statistics, and a selection of images for your perusal.
This section will grow beyond what is available at the moment.
I plan on including a brief description of the way the vehicles act and respond to their driver, the various merits and flaws inherent in each design.
Technical shot
a bantha 25 September 1999
As part of the continuing celebration for the 5000 hits appreciation page I have included some new screen shots. Go to the Screen Shots page to see how the next stage of development is progressing.
22 September 1999
This page has now breached the 5000 hits barrier, for a brief celebration of that fact there is now a 5000 hits appreciation page.
5000 hits and climbing
falcon 20 September 1999
A ReadMe file has been added to the downloads section. This file outlines in some detail a step by step guide to adding my modifications to your existing version of GTA.
None of the information is ground breaking stuff, but if you feel a little confused about what to do this file explains all. Click here to ReadMe
27 August 1999
This Web site goes public, with all of the pages from Russells site now being redircted here.
The patches now include all of the modified graphics to change all of the cars for all three cities, the fxt files to change all of the vehicle names, 90% of the pregame graphics, and also the minor addition of some modified sound files.
tie defender 13 August 1999
Well, a lot has happened since my last major update. We now have access to all of the vehicles in all of the cities. Not only that but with my acquisition of a licensed version of GTACars also comes a completely revamped set of vehicles. My heart felt thanks go out to Jeff Mathews, visit his site, download his software and give him your money!
This pretty much completes phase one of the project.
Phase two will concentrate on modifying the existing city graphics to a more appropriate style, and construction of the three new locations, with deathmatch games tacked on for good measure.
Some untidy elements still need sorting out, the low-res graphics have yet to be completed, but there will be no more major changes to the existing vehicles.

6 February 1999
A new GTA WARS logo has been added. You will see a static version of this at the top of the page. The logo is animated and replaces the existing one found on the GTA main menu screen. This new logo has been added to the downloads section, it is to be found in patch0 which now replaces patch-1. If you have already downloaded patch-1 you don't need to download patch0, instead download the update file ( This will update patch-1 to patch0 and should save you some download time.

 emperor  23 January 1999
Major patch revision. It has been decided that it would be a good idea to seperate the gry and g24 files and put them in different downloadable zip files. Most of you probably play GTA in Win95 (or hi-res Dos) and therefore don't want to waste time downloading the conversion files (the gry files) for the low-res Dos game. So, there are now two variations of Patch1 (see the downloads section).
Patch-1 has been modified and now contains some new images (there are 29 in total). An example of one of these images is shown on the left. The latest version of Patch-1 is version 1.1
The high-res conversion for city2 is now available, this changes all city2 vehicles into StarWars craft. This can be found in the downloads section as There is currently no city2 patch for the low-res Dos game.
 Early January 1999
Major site update. Two files are now available for download: alters all pre-game and non-essential graphics. converts all city1 vehicles into StarWars craft.

 players  October 1998
GTA Wars website started. Although the early patches are only half complete this site was setup to promote this conversion.

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